Sally Pond, Online MA Education

Sally Pond, Online MA Education

Can you talk a little bit about yourself and your background?

I’ve been in education for almost 20 years, based in inner-London Primary schools. Most of my career has been spent working in the field of Inclusion, initially as SENCo, then as Inclusion Manager and after qualifying as a specialist teacher of dyslexia. I am now an Inclusion specialist.

What prompted you to pursue an online programme with University of Exeter? Specifically, why was online appealing to you?

The flexibility of the online programme enabled me to fit studying around my work and family. It also suited the way I like to learn; I could touch lightly on concepts I felt confident on and spend more time on areas that I found more difficult.

What has the experience been like? Was it what you thought it would be like and has it met your expectations?

Undertaking a Masters during a pandemic has been challenging, however, the support and advice that the team at Exeter has provided has been invaluable. The course itself has been excellent and each module has been well-designed, with all formative assignments directly linking into summative ones to ensure the best outcomes. It has changed the way I view inclusion and encouraged me to critically evaluate policies and strategies.

If you were giving someone who was considering an online course advice, what would it be?

I was nervous about whether I would be able to manage the expectations of the course. However, it is designed to scaffold the learning so that it builds you up to the summative assignments. There is support available if you are struggling.

Would you recommend the Exeter programme and if so what aspects of the course do you find appealing?

I would highly recommend doing the online Masters in Education with Exeter. The modules were really well designed and the support that I received, particularly from my supervisor in the dissertation, was outstanding.


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