Charlotte Killman, Online MA Education Student Testimonial

Charlotte Killman, Online MA Education Student Testimonial

Can you talk a little bit about yourself and your background?

When I started the online MA Education course, I had been a primary school teacher for 2 years. I had always wanted to study an MA degree but wanted some experience before beginning this journey. I predominantly teach Key Stage 1 children (5-7 year olds) but I have had the opportunity to consider how children best learn in the Early Years through to at a Secondary level whilst completing this degree, which has inspired me to branch out into different age groups with my own teaching.

What prompted you to pursue an online programme with University of Exeter? Specifically, why was online appealing to you?

When I had decided I was ready to begin studying for an MA degree, I was worried how I would cope with the late night or weekend lectures with also factoring in having to travel to and from them. As a full time teacher, I had time commitments that changed frequently and I needed a course that could give me flexibility. The thought of being able to complete modules at my own pace, at times that suited me and from my home or school made the decision so much easier for me.

What has the experience been like? Was it what you thought it would be like and has it met your expectations?

The experience has been a very positive one, I have learnt so much and have been inspired by so many different people. The activities and assignments have guided me to read around a number of subjects that I would never have considered before and this has enabled me to discover what I’m really passionate about. I was worried about the levels of support without the face to face interactions but I couldn’t have been more wrong about this. From personal support to academic support, the staff working on the online programme are understanding and professional at providing the necessary guidance. I think I’ve interacted more on a 1:1 level with tutors on this online MA Education course than I did on my face-to-face undergraduate degree.

If you were giving someone who was considering an online course advice, what would it be?

I would advise that they plan ahead for each week when they are going to work on the module. I found that making the most of free time earlier in the week meant that as the week went on and things inevitably cropped up, I was relaxed as I knew I had done a good amount in the days before. I would also advise that, like any additional project, time sacrifices have to be made so people need to be realistic when making weekend and evening plans so that they leave themselves with enough study time.

Would you recommend the Exeter programme and if so what aspects of the course do you find appealing?

I would 100% recommend the online MA Education at the University of Exeter. The flexibility it gives you as a busy professional, the support all staff are happy to provide and the high quality, interesting course content make it a no brainer if you are looking to develop your understanding and perceptions of education.

Is there anything you’d like to add or anything you’d like to talk about that we did not touch on?

To reassure anyone who thinks that they couldn’t possibly fit this in around work and family life, I would just like to make it clear just how flexible this course is. Extensions are available and module breaks can be taken if the workload gets overwhelming of a big life event was to happen so don’t let this fear put you off applying.


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