Do You Have the Skills to gain a Postgraduate Degree Online?

Do you have the skills to gain a Postgraduate Degree Online?
Do you have the skills to gain a Postgraduate Degree Online?

Do You Have the Skills to gain a Postgraduate Degree Online?

Online postgraduate degrees are a flexible way of learning and gaining a qualification. Whatever your commitments, an online course allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace. However, to complete an online postgraduate course you will need a high level of dedication. Coursework for any postgraduate programme will include research, writing and organisation. You will have to allocate time to watching videos and attending virtual seminars, honing your research skills in your own time and immersing yourself in your chosen subject area.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are considering applying to one of our excellent online programmes, but want to make sure you are ready to commit to the work load, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you always reach the goals you set yourself? If you are experienced at setting targets and then attaining them, you will be more likely achieve the goals set by course instructors.
  • Can stay focussed even in a hectic environment? If you are good at working in a busy room, where there may be a variety of sounds and activity to distract you, you have the ability to work under pressure. Working under pressure is a necessary skill when you’re taking an online course and may have to prioritise multiple assignments.
  • Are you good at meeting deadlines? If you have good time management skills, and effectively meet deadlines, both in a personal and professional context, online study may be a good fit for you. Students undertaking an online course need to be able to manage their time wisely so they can maintain their work-life balance.

Is An Online Postgraduate Programme the Right Fit For You?

If you consider yourself punctual, dependable and motivated and you enjoy setting targets and reaching them, you are the ideal candidate for an online programme.

The online postgraduate courses available at the University of Exeter are accessible, 100% online and provide you with as much support as you need. When you gain an online postgraduate degree you receive a valuable qualification and a huge sense of achievement. Demonstrate your perseverance, in-depth knowledge and ability to work hard on your own to employers with an online postgraduate degree from the University of Exeter.

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