How Will Post-Grad Study Work Fit in With You and Your Life?

How Will Post-Grad Study Work Fit in With You and Your Life?
How Will Post-Grad Study Work Fit in With You and Your Life?

How Will Post-Grad Study Work Fit in With You and Your Life?

Advances in technology now mean it is possible to undertake postgraduate study entirely online, without ever having to travel further than your laptop or computer.

There are several reasons a student may prefer to study online. For example, they may have family commitments, such as children or elderly parents, which take up most of their time.

Perhaps they are already working and want to further their education while continuing in their position. Or maybe they just want the luxury of being able to complete tasks and study in their own time and at their own pace.

How Our Setup Can Help You

Whatever your reason for taking an online course, here at the University of Exeter, we have excellent, purpose-built distance learning programmes which will be just what you are looking for.

We currently offer online students the chance to gain an MA in Education.

Each of our online programmes offer the same level of learning and support. Courses are divided into informative video lectures and seminars, and there is the opportunity to communicate with other students at all times - easy-to-use online forums allow discussion and questions.

All of our online postgraduate degree courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can take your classes at a time which suits you. If you work during the day and need to study in the evenings, that’s no problem. If you have to look after children during the week and only have the weekends free to study, that is not an issue. You complete the work when you have the time.

Any coursework is submitted online, via secure and efficient programmes, and run through the Copyscape plagiarism detection service to ensure there are no issues with copying.

Communicating Online

Even though the programme is online, you’ll have plenty of support - every student is appointed a Student Support Advisor, who works with them throughout the course. The advisors are there to answer any questions and to support you through your online master’s journey.

As you would expect from the University of Exeter, all of the online learning plans are developed to the high standards of a Russell Group University, so you can rest assured that the online programme is designed to give you the very best learning experience possible.

Our academics are highly trusted and respected in their chosen fields, and have worked hard to bring you the utmost in online learning.

If you’d like more information we’d be happy to hear from you. Follow this link.


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