Why Should I get An MSc in International Business

Why Should I get An MSc in International Business

The University of Exeter Business School’s MSc in International Business is designed to give you the global skills you need for a successful career in business. In 2017, Exeter launched its online learning environment, meaning that you can now get an international business degree with the same quality teaching style as on-campus students entirely online.

Studying for an online international business degree means you’ll be learning from some of the best minds in education, from a university with a world-renowned reputation. The University of Exeter is a proud member of the Russell Group of leading research-intensive UK universities, PRME, and ABIS. We are also currently ranked amongst the top 1% of universities in the UK and the world.(1) Our Business School is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and EQUIS, which is the world's leading international accreditation for business schools and is also one of the UK's leading centres for business education and research and welcomes academics and students from over 140 countries.(2)

What does the MSc in International Business offer?

The MSc in International Business prepares aspiring professionals for the dynamic challenges of the contemporary business world. Whether you come from a business background, or you’ve a finance degree and are eager to gain a deeper understanding of how businesses operate on an international scale, then this online international business degree was designed for you.

100% online, the MSc in International Business can be completed in less than two years. You will interact with like-minded students through a mixture of online lectures, seminars and assessments, which are designed to enhance critical thinking and in-depth analysis of complex business ideas.

You will take a mixture of compulsory and optional modules, up to 180 credits and offering a 360° view of international business. These optional modules allow you to tailor your experience toward a specific career specialism, such as accounting, human resources or operations.

The core modules, which include international accounting principles, strategy & future trends, operations management, and human resources management, will focus on the fundamental pillars of the business entity. While additional classes, such as entrepreneurship and international financial management, cater to your business preferences. This means you can tailor your MSc in International Business to build the necessary technical skills needed to succeed in your chosen career field.  

Furthermore, by studying an online international business degree with Exeter Online, you will have access to a vibrant community of international students and alumni, where you can exchange and discuss ideas, develop global awareness and an understanding of different cultures, and foster international collaboration.

Personal Development and Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, the MSc in International Business could open a variety of international career opportunities in marketing, finance, banking, trades and business development. As each of these fields offer comprehensive digital resources, you can rapidly boost your earning potential without taking any time off from your job.

The most recent government graduate labour market statistics suggests that the annual median salary for postgraduates in 2016 was £38,000, which is 16% higher than graduates at £32,000.(3) They also suggest that postgraduates have better access to high-skilled employment opportunities, with 78.4% of all postgraduates in high-skilled jobs in comparison to only 65.5% of all graduates (16-64 year-old).(3)  This evidence shows how a postgraduate degree can significantly improve your career prospects. Furthermore, University of Exeter’s online international business MSc will help benefit professionals wanting to showcase themselves on a global scale, and provides you with the skills, knowledge and reputation required to land a rewarding role that pays you a salary you deserve.

The online MSc International Business can help you find a specialised focus, such as human resource management, or obtain a position with a broader perspective, such as general management or consulting. Graduates from the University of Exeter Business School have gone on to develop careers with industry giants around the world, including BNP Paribas, HSBC, IBM (China), Goldman Sachs, Singapore Airlines, Johnson & Johnson (Russia), Apple (China) and Baker Tilly.

Of course, an MSc in International Business online will give you the competitive advantage over candidates vying for the same position, especially if all they have is an undergraduate degree. Salary, though, is dependent on the industry you choose to work. For example, average salary for a career in Senior Management is around £78,000.(4). As a Senior Consultant, you could expect to earn the national average figure of £53,160.(4) If you’re looking for a more directorial role, the national average salary for a Managing Director is upwards of £107,055.(4)

The MSc in International Business online is an excellent postgraduate degree to have under your belt, and will be an incredibly useful tool if you plan to steer your career into a role where you have to negotiate constantly, create strategies and lead a global enterprise. The University of Exeter is dedicated to creating a virtual learning environment of support and excellence that offer you all the resources to achieve your full potential.

Take your career to the next level today with an online international business degree.

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