Dr. Stanley Gyoshev

Dr. Stanley Gyoshev

Lecturer in Finance, PGT Senior Tutor - MSc Finance and Management Programme Director

Dr Stanley Gyoshev joined the Xfi Centre for Finance and Investment at the University of Exeter Business School in September 2006. He finished his PhD in financial modeling at the Drexel University's LeBow College of Business in 2001. Before coming to the University of Exeter, Stanley was an assistant professor at the Mason School of Business at The College of William and Mary, at Drexel University's LeBow College of Business, and at Bentley Collage. He taught Derivatives and Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Budgeting, Security Valuation and Investments as well as Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital classes to MBA, MS and BS students.

Stanley is the University of Exeter Business School expert on the travel industry. He is responsible for supervising all students specialising in the financial analysis of the travel industry. He has been invited to participate in the joint DG TREN & DG Consumer Affairs work group, preparing the legislation for online travel agencies (OTA) and the online behaviour of airlines. Stanley has pro-bono helped secure approval of DG TREN for one of the biggest travel infrastructure projects in Bulgaria. He has co-authored Bounded flexibility search and interface for travel reservations, which is pending US patent 20050043974, together with Assen Vassilev from Harvard Business School. Stanley also serves as a member of the advisory board two companies – one in internet travel and the second in fraud prevention. Stanley is a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD). He also serves as European Commission Expert for FP7.

Since 1995, Stanley has researched, lectured and consulted internationally in the two related areas of new technology-based firms and the international development of the formal and informal venture capital industry. After moving to the Xfi Centre, because of his research in law and finance especially in minority shareholder rights, combined with his practical and policy experience in entrepreneurial finance and venture capital, Stanley has been invited to serve as a member of the European Commission work group on Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital (EXPRESS, formerly NORFACE). He has actively participated in the yearly seminars in Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm as well as in the ongoing policy and research discussions. The seminars, which are co-funded by the European Investment Fund, involve some 60 senior government policy makers from the European Commission, European Investment Fund and deputy minister level from member states as well as internationally known academics, focusing on the public role in the genesis and growth of high potential young (knowledge-based) firms in the European Union. EXPRESS was run with the joint support of the governments of UK, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. This international seminar series involves some 15 countries as well as international agencies, and brings senior policy makers and research academics together to exchange contemporary research and programme experience in entrepreneurship policy. Seminars have received financial support from participating governments, the ESRC, Norface European Research Council and the European Investment Fund.

Before becoming an academic, Stanley worked as a Financial Policy Analyst at the research department of the Advanta Bank, which managed the third biggest credit card portfolio of over $35 billion. He participated in developing, refining and implementing quantitative strategies for credit scoring, fraud prevention, customer retention and profit realisation through second degree of price discrimination.

Stanley is currently making a difference to his students by creating the ‘Dr. Stanley B. Gyoshev’ online alumni network, which helps his current and former students enhance their careers. They can use the network to help them find jobs, do business development with each other and hire bright new students of his for their business. The students know they are very welcome to use him as a resource.

Nationality: Bulgarian


PhD in Financial Modelling, MSc in Business Statistics (Drexel University), MA Number Theory and Statistics (University of Maine), MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Operations Research, MSc in Mathematical Pedagogy (University of Sofia)

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